13 Zulu Holster


A while back we were asked if we would be interested in purchasing a limited run Glock. We of course were quick to say yes, and shortly thereafter, we had our hands on the new Glock 30S.

Now that we had this cool gun, we needed an equally cool holster to go with it. We contacted our friends at 13 Zulu and asked if it would be possible for them to form a holster for the new Glock 30S. The guys at 13 Zulu didn’t hesitate to offer up a couple of hours of their time to mold us a holster for the (at the time, secretive) Glock 30S.

So we jumped in the truck and headed north to meet Mike and Casey of 13 Zulu.

Once we arrived, the work began. Within a few hours, we had a React IWB holster that fit our gun. The design is now common, but the attention to detail and craftsmanship is what sets 13 Zulu apart from the others. The first thing that stands out is the leather they use on the “backer” of the holster. Mike was telling me that the leather is premium grade saddle leather. The same leather used by blacksmiths. The reason blacksmiths used this type or thickness of leather was to keep the heat away from their bodies. Guess that would come in handy when re-holstering a recently fired weapon in your waistband. I don’t know about you, but I do not want a brand of a Glock on my hip anytime soon.

Next up, was the Kydex itself. Casey pointed out that they are using a .080 Thermoform Kydex. That meant little to me, but I think it has something to do with the thickness of the Kydex. And since this is a concealment holster, thin is in. I had never seen Kydex being molded before so it was a real treat to watch these two guys at work. The Kydex portion of the holster is then riveted on with some “no joke” rivets. This ensures that the Kydex and the leather never separate from one another.

The spring clips are impressive in themselves. These two bad boys are screwed on each side of the holster and the screws are secured with Lock-tight so that they are there to stay.

Fit and function was incredible! The Glock 30S, “snapped” into place when holstered. And with an unloaded and safe weapon, the holster could be held upside down and the Glock stayed put. The presentations were smooth and re-holstering was effortless. On a comfort scale it was a ten! Once holstered, you almost forgot you were carrying anything on your hip. We wore ours as we all do. Running errands, training classes, and even some yard work (leather blocks that sweat). Concealment? Gone! The holster holds the gun tight against the body and provides you with a smooth profile even with a large t-shirt on.

Bottom line. It’s good to go. The MSRP is $79.99 for the holster tested, and $124.99 for a holster and mag pouch made in a similar configuration.

So if you’re looking for a great holster, made by hand, constructed by two Americans, using American made products. 13 Zulu is your best bet for this type of holster. The guys also offer custom orders. So if you carry the “weird”, I know they can hook you up.

Check them out! www.13zulu.com


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