5.11 Training Barrel


The 5.11 Blade-Tech Training Barrel fills a void firearms and defensive tactics instructors have been trying to fill for years. We all recognize the value of being able to train with the actual weapons we deploy with. Colored plastic guns just dont give you feel and function of your trusted sidearm. And all of us have seen or participated in that sketchy training practice of making firearms safe by putting colored tape or cord through the chamber or barrel. Those days are gone. With the use of the 5.11 blade tech training barrel, practitioners can use their own weapon for non-firing drills giving them the most realistic feel possible. Because it is real! This product is perfect for a variety of drills such as practicing loading and dropping magazines and trigger manipulation. We used them extensively for gun retention and disarm drills as well as weapon-in-hand DT. With the training barrel in place, the firearm functions normally allowing for that critical tap/rack /on target practice. Made from yellow high impact plastic the barrel is both durable and visible. With bright yellow showing from the barrel tip and ejection port a quick visual inspection ascertains the weapon is safe. The training barrel installs exactly as the factory barrel would making it portable and convenient. The only negative we have on this one is the price. It seems a little steep at $14.99. Come on, it’s plastic! Otherwise, the 5.11 Blade-Tech Training Barrel is Good to Go!