Arc’teryx H-150 Riggers Belt


We received our Arc’teryx Riggers Belt from Quantico Tactical. First impressions was WOW! This belt is so lite and rugged at the same time. When you put the belt on for the first time, you find yourself reading the instructions. And not that it’s hard to put on. It’s just that you want to be sure you got it right. The belt looks as though it was designed by NASA. First complaint is that the belt is a little wide for some of the loops we tried. The belt won’t fit most of our REI brand pants, but a snug fit on BDUs, jeans, and 5.11 type pants. The other point I need to make is if your left handed, like me, the excess belt will have to be tucked somewhere other than under the holster.

We attempted to thread our Raven holster. Didn’t go well. We would have to contact Raven and get bigger loops for our holster for this belt to work. Eventually we found a holster that would fit. The belt surprisingly held the weight of the holstered weapon quite well. Holding the belt in your hands you would say “no way this is going to hold up my handgun”, but it does!

Arc’teryx is known for their superior products and great craftsmanship and this is no doubt another great piece of kit from them. So, if you have an extra $119.00 lying around and want a great belt to either hold up your pants in style or secure your off-duty handgun, this is a sure bet.

Final Grade: Good To Go!!

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