Boker Knives Jim Wagner


As we looked closer at the knife, it had a lot of cool features that we like. The knife had a nice heavy and balanced feel to it. Molded into the body on both sides are four indentations for your fingers, three of which have a sand paper like texture for added grip. The finger groves allow for a secure, comfortable hold whether using a forward or reverse grip. The fourth is smooth and guides your thumb to the thumb stud when deploying the blade. There are ribs that run the entire length of the back side of the body for added grip. Deploying the blade is not done easily with the flick of the wrist, although over time I believe it will be possible after the knife breaks in. The blade is sturdy and has cool double blood grooves on the backside and an unusual Kriss curve serrated edge after the Gladius razor sharp tip. The lock is very sturdy and makes a loud “click” noise that can’t be avoided unless you reposition your hand or use both hands to open.

At first the biggest drawback for us on this blade was the lock or blade release because it is positioned on the backside in the center of the blade. This positioning makes it harder to collapse with one hand, but after spending time with the knife and a slight reposition of the hand, it can be accomplished.

Final Grade: Good To Go