Condor Padded Belt


Our first impression of the Condor is, WOW that’s big.

Our evaluator has been sporting the Condor for a while now on callouts and in training. It accomplished what he wanted went he made the purchase, it’s very comfortable and keeps your belt from cutting into your side when wearing it for long periods of time. The bulk of the padding leaves very little space between its self and your tactical vest. Over time the weight of the gear has pulled one the belt loops in the Condor, pulling the belt to the bottom of the padding. It also has 4 rings on the top side of the belt that are for suspenders.

The jury is still out on its durability. Some of the stitching is starting to fail and we’re not sure how the mess on the inside is going to hold up.

Conclusion, the Condor does the job and we’ll report more as it gets more use.

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