Gear 4 Grunts RAMP


In the tactical world there is no shortage of quality magazine pouches. You can choose from nylon, polymer, rubber, kydex, or a combination of the fore mentioned.

Gear 4 Grunts was a new company that we hadn’t heard of, until recently. They were kind enough to send us one of their revolutionary mag pouches called the RAMP (Rapid Access Magazine Pod). We were very impressed when we got our hands on it.

The first thing we liked was it’s “Made in the USA” engraved in the bottom (or top) of the pod. The construction is top notch. Made of military grade polymer, it was both strong and extremely light weight. The attachment system was nothing we had seen in other mag pouches. There are four MOLLE/PALS compatible attachment clips that are molded directly into the pod. The top (or bottom) is flanged for rapid reloads. We ran the pod through several reloads in different shooting positions and found it to perform as advertised. At the time of the evaluation we had over 400 mag insertions and reloads and it holds the mags as securely as when we first tried it. The RAMP will hold both PMAGs and metal military issue magazines.

Now here is the kicker. The RAMP is designed to be mounted on your vest………upside down. Having been taught on nothing but top loading pouches, this was strange to us. So, we tried it. By placing the RAMP on the vest just as you would with a regular pouch, just upside down, we did find that our reloads were considerably faster than from a top loading pouch. Now the first couple of times were ugly, but with proper training and repetition it can dramatically speed up your reloads. Additionally, with the RAMP being mounted the way it’s designed to be, it mimics the mag well on your weapon so there is no wrist rotation you would perform from a top loading pouch, thus speeding up your reload and your eyes stay on target as they should.

The RAMP can be used both right and left handed with a little practice. For me at least I would like to see the Pod molded in the opposite direction for a smoother “beer can grab” with my right hand. Maybe that’s in the works? It’s small design helps minimize real state on your vest. Something we all are struggling with at one time or another.

The RAMP comes in light earth, foliage. OD, and black.

So, bottom line. It’s light weight, it’s affordable at a price point of $24.95, it’s durable, it’s innovative, and by God it’s made in the USA by a veteran! Give it a try. Maybe upside down is right after all.

Warrior tested! Warrior approved!

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