Hazard 4 Jelly Roll


We were stoked to get the Jelly Roll in and strapped to our Kit. The Jelly Roll is perfect for our Nalgene bottles, but can also be used for those who need to carry extra lens for their cameras. The Jelly Roll we tested went on our Hazard 4 Sling Pack. For me, at least, this bag serves as my everyday Go-Bag. The Jelly Roll attaches with two supplied molle straps. It should be noted that their straps are a pain in the ass to weave. We opted to us some of our Maxpedition straps we had lying around.

Tested the Jelly Roll around town (no missions on the board as of yet) and it performed great. It does just what its supposed to do. Carry your water bottle and look cool. So if you hydrate (and you should) and need it to be incased in black nylon, morale patched, and molled, then this is for you.


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