Hazard 4 Plan B Sling Pack


When we first received the Plan B pack we were impressed. Tons of pockets, lots of room, and more molle than you can shake a stick at. We loaded it down with what we thought should go in a “go bag.” After putting first aid, snacks, water, and ammunition in the bag, we were left with where to put our handgun.

Hazard 4 recommends you put your handgun in their fully adjustable modular holster in the back portion of the bag. So we did. Up side is if your carrying a small handgun this should be fine, however the larger the handgun, the tighter the fit. In the end we ended up putting a Smith and Wesson 442 revolver in the front pocket and called it good. To improve speed of reaching our weapon, we installed a larger ball style cord lock on our zipper pull cord. This just simplifies things when the $#@& is hitting the fan!

All things said, great bag and it doesn’t look like a bag full of nasty when you’re walking the trails or going for a Home Depot run.


Final Grade: Good to go! Must have!