Inforce Weapon Light

When selecting a weapon light, there are literally a hundred to choose from.  For years I have been a diehard Surefire “only” guy.  I’ve used them for years.  Even when they were Laser Products, back in the day.  Someone showed me this new light and said, “try it.  You’ll be convinced”.  So, I’m gonna give you a down and dirty assessment of the INFORCE WML.

The construction is terrific. Made in the USA. And performs as advertised.  At either 175 or 200 lumens, it’s just enough.  Anything more than that and you’re going to blind yourself or your teammates when laminating a white wall.  The size is perfect. However, it does take up more space (3’’) on your rail than a clamp, but that only matters when space is at a premium.  The unique design on the rear of the light, where the pressure switch is located, allows you to mount it at just about any position.  Whether that be 12, 3, 6, or 9 o’clock.  Hell for that matter, anywhere in between works well too.

There are several operating systems that you can choose from when ordering.  Systems range from high/low beam, infrared, strobe, and high beam only.  We chose high beam only.  So when we hit that button, the subject gets blasted with 200 lumens of pure white light.  No thought needed.

So bottom line.  Does it work? Yes! Does it last? Yes!  Does it hold up to the abuse of police work? Yes! And finally, is it worth the suggested retail of $100? Yes it does.  Work that overtime and get one of these lights!  Does it replace Surefire? Who knows?

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