Kitanica PNT X.A.


If we were to just write Greatest Pants on the Planet, we’d be done, but that wouldn’t do you, the reader, any good. I don’t think there has been an article of clothing that I have waited for in the mail so much as the Kitanica PNT X.A. When you open the box and grab the pants, they feel like a tank. A tank for your legs. The craftsmanship is unbelievable. The attention to detail is that of a finely executed government operation. I think thats what Kitanica had in mind for who to wear their clothing…secret agents. You feel like one every time you slip into these bad boys. When people see you they can’t help but stare at your pants. Must be the pockets.

With over 12 pockets, reinforced butt for when you fall off a rock (done that), dump pockets, mesh crotch to air out the boys, rivet button waist and fly, and bar-tacked stress points, this pair of pants take you along for an ass whopping.

We tested ours on executive protection operations, K-9 deployments, and general hiking and camping. One of our evaluators stated that the pants were busy with all the pockets. I have to revert to my childhood and remember thinking, that the more pockets, the cooler the pants! During K-9 work, the pants held up great to the repeated abuse a malinois can give to any article of clothing. The pockets held everything from additional ammunition, Surefire lights, to dog reward toys. Dog slobber just wiped right off. Dog hair, brushed away with ease. Hiking, the pants do get heavy after a bit on the trail in the mountains. Half way through our day we got dumped on with horizontal rain. The PNT X.A did great job of keeping me dry for about an hour in hard hitting rain.

The only gripe I have about the pants is the Velcro will get a bit shaggy after repeated use. This was true with the right front flap pocket. That’s where the iPhone goes and comes out about a hundred times a day.

Colors come in green, black, and khaki. Be sure to check out their entire line of excellent kit. Some of their stuff is futuristic and the rest just plain works! $160.00 is steep for pants, but they’re worth it! They’re made in the USA! They’re KITANICA!