Optic Nerve’s “Hollowpoint” Sunglasses

When it comes to your eyes and protecting them from harsh sun rays, dust, or debris, you need to be picky about what you wear.  You’re either one of those that rely only on “gas station” brand glasses or you are willing to spend a little to get the best protection.  I have been traditionally been an “Oakley Guy”.  And have been ever since I was racing mountain bikes back in my youth.  As I grew older and got into law enforcement, Oakleys have been my go to glasses.

Recently, we were asked to try out a pair of Optic Nerve Sunglasses.  I was hesitant at first due to believing that if I put anything other than Oakleys on my face, I would break out into a rash.  So, I put the glasses on like a kid tries new food, with that look on my face of disgust.  I was pleasantly surprised once I put them on.  So I accepted the wear test challenge.

Optic Nerve has been around for about 25 years and has been the leader in sport sunglasses, in certain circles.  Based in Colorado, they have had plenty of outdoor testing.  The style speaks for itself.  Showing a very dynamic, stylish, and functional approach to sunglasses.  Optic Nerve ventured out into the tactical world and now, offers two frames and lenses that fit what we do.

We opted to try out the “Hollowpoint”.  I hate big lenses, and these were the smallest I could find.  The other frame type they offer is the “Sniper”, similar to Oakley’s M frames.

The glasses fit great.  They ride on your nose and ears with no discomfort.  The lenses provide terrific coverage of your eyes, and the clarity is unbelievable. The lenses seem to define everything better, like polarized lenses do, but these aren’t polarized.  The lens material meets military ballistic standards: MIL-PRF-32432.

While wearing the glasses on patrol, the road was clearer and blocked the sun quite well.  I could read all my gauges, computer monitors, and radio channels with ease and didn’t have to tip them up to see inside my patrol car.  The range was where I seen the greatest benefits of these particular glasses.  The targets we us are tan on tan.  And at 50 yards and out to 100 yards, it’s difficult to make out the silhouette shape of the target.  But, not these glasses.  The clarity and definition these lens aided to your eyes is incredible.  I could actually make out the silhouettes of the targets at 100 yards!

Outdoor activities, like hiking and mountain bike riding were much the same in these glasses…..crystal clear!

All and all, a great pair of glasses that won’t break the bank and can’t be purchased with a tank of gas.

Suggested retail is $65.00 for the “Hollowpoint”.  More models can be seen at www.opticnerve.com.  To purchase these and many other frame designs, simply go to www.shadez-of-gray.com.

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Posted On: April 27, 2014