As Law Enforcement, Medics, Military and other Public Service professionals we all know graveyard shift can be grueling at times. This is true especially if you are assigned to shifts that are 12 hours or longer. Figuring out your schedule, when you are going to eat or sleep, none the less work out can be a task. Add the Holidays on top of that and you are bound to be sleep deprived for at least a couple days. We found ourselves in this situation this week and pulled a 24 hour day. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out the popular and well talked about ORAL I.V.

ORAL I.V. claims to be the cure it all for any person in a strenuous, stressful, exhausted or dehydrated state. It is advertised to be the ultimate recovery aid to rehydrate, stimulate mental function, focus and bring you to your optimal state of function. Our 24 hour day started at 9am the day after Christmas, and we reported to work for our 12 hour shift at 6:45pm. Our shift was busy and we were on our feet and running around from assignment to assignment without much of a rest between. At 1:40 am this started to wear on us, that is when we decided to try out the ORAL I.V. We also consumed 2 bottles of water with it as the brand reports to have a better response when taken with water. At first we really didn’t notice much of a difference. By 2:00 am we were feeling better than we had at 9:00am when we started the day.

ORAL I.V. did not create a buzzed, hyped jittery feel. Instead it had a very subtle on set, but the way it left us feeling was profound. We felt it fist in our brain. Our thinking, decision making and overall mental status seemed clear as we were feeling foggy not too long ago. It then started to affect our physical function. We felt rejuvenated and energized; our running around from assignment to assignment was now done with ease, just 20 minutes before we were feeling drained and tired. Our shift ended at 7:38 am and after an hour drive home we still felt excellent, alert and well hydrated. At 9:00 am when we finally decided to turn in for the day/night it was easy to fall asleep. ORAL I.V. did not leave us with that 6 hour later energy drink buzz that stops you from falling asleep or that sugary energy drink feeling that has you crashing before you make it home.

We would recommend ORAL I.V. to anyone who needs that extra boost from time to time. We have looked into the ingredients and the physiological claims that the brand makes and find them to be effective and proven. ORAL I.V. only contains copper, iodine, manganese, zinc, potassium, cobalt, sodium, selenium, chromium, silica, and boron in purified water. These are all essential components of the body’s chemistry and the way it functions. These are all electrolytes, responsible for your ph balance, heart rate and heart function, brain and neurotransmitter function and the all around mechanics of your body. Adding these with purified water into your system increases the function of all these systems, their intake of nutrients and their ability to absorb water on a cellular level. It does this without extra ingredients that are typically found in sports drinks or other energy drinks. It provides your body with nothing but the pure ingredients for success and the results and the way we felt after taking it proves this.

ORAL I.V. can be purchased online at http://www.warriorwoundcare.com/OralIV/index.html for $11.99 for a 4 pack.

Warrior tested, Warrior approved!