OTG Double Mag Holder


As a follow up to our review of the Off the Grid Concepts Sidewinder Holster, I would like to introduce you to the coolest double AR mag pouch I’ve run in a long time. This mag pouch securely hold two of your AR mags (any brand, just ask) close to your plate carrier and over all, close to you. The mag carrier secures to your kit by using the supplied quick strips.

In testing this product, we again used it on duty and still do. Because it works! We ran, we jumped, we crawled, and we shot. And like all other OTG gear, it said “more please”. Your mags are held in place with a retention screw in the center of the holder. It’s a simple piece of kit that just plain works.

The photos don’t do it justice. It’s really sturdy and won’t fail you. Mr. Tran can probably make you any configuration you want in a mag carrier. This is accomplished by clicking on the Dual Stack Connectors or Siamese Connectors drop down box when ordering. The friendly staff at OTG can also help you with all your wildest dreams of gear organization.

The mag holder retails for $35.00 and comes in several colors.


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  • OTG Mag 1
  • OTG Mag 2
  • OTG Mag 3