OTG Sidewinder Holster


When we stumbled upon OTG, we were skeptical. Yet another Kydex holster manufacturer in a sea of hundreds of others. That attitude was quickly changed once we laid our hands on the finished product.
We ordered the Sidewinder holster for our duty Glock 21 with Surefire X300 weapon light. Additionally, we had them whip up a single mag pouch for the same weapon. Something you should know about OTG. Other custom Kydex holster makers will require you to wait approximately 8-14 weeks for your holster. Not so with OTG. TWO WEEKS FROM TIME OF ORDER! That was exactly what we were looking for since we want our gear RIGHT NOW.

Once we received our holster (ahead of schedule) we were amazed by the attention to detail, craftsmanship, and just shear awesomeness. We opted for the hex cut and PACE training clip. The PACE training clip is designed to assist you with a one hand manipulation if needed. As with Kydex molded holsters the fit was precise to our weapon and light. Once you have the holster on your hip, you forget its there. I was able to conceal the G21 beast with a t-shirt. That just goes to show you that the design holds the weapon close to your body. With that I should mention that OTG offers several different cuts so that you can keep sweat and love handles out of the holster. Re-holstering is a synch with this rig. When you do re-holster you definitely get that click assuring you that the weapon is secure. Retention is important so we ran, we hung upside down, and we fought with the holster on. Weapon stayed put. The draw is effortless and smooth.

The single mag pouch was identical in detail and reliability. The thing that we were most impressed with was the click we heard, and felt every time we seated a magazine in the pouch.

We wore the holster set up for 30 days when we were both on and off duty. No complaints. Felt great, and performed as advertised.

The Sidewinder retails for $70.00 and the Adaptable Speed Pouch retails for $30.00. In my efforts to save you guys the time, money, and frustration in NOT buying crap gear. This holster is the ticket. It’s affordable, reliable, and it won’t rob you of hard earned OT money when buying a holster.

Be sure to check out their website at www.otghex.com and see all the different holster options that are available for your particular mission.

OTG promise dynamic, simplicity, and adaptability. We know you’ll get all of that with their gear.


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