Patrol Glove Review

Recently, we tested three different manufacture’s gloves; 5.11’s Tac K9 glove, HWI’s Handler Glove, and Mechanix’s 0.5 mm glove.

We evaluated them in four different categories: Comfort, dexterity, fit, and durability.   We rated each category from 1 to 5.  5 being the best.

COMFORT: How the glove feels for extended periods of time.

DEXTERITY: How the glove performed picking up small objects. Such as dimes, bullets, paper, smart phones, tools, driving, suspect manipulation, and trigger feel.

FIT: How the glove fit as it relates to size, material, seam location, and ventilation.

DURABILITY: We tested durability by repeated leash work. The leash constantly being hand braked and released at high speeds, causing high levels of concentrated friction heat to the palm and fingers.


HWI’s K-9100 Handler Glove/Suggested retail $32.99

Comfort: 4

Dexterity: 2

Fit: 4

Durability: 5

5.11 Tac K9 Glove/Suggested retail $39.99

Comfort: 3

Dexterity: 3

Fit: 2

Durability: 5

Mechanix 0.5mm Glove/Suggested retail $27.95

Comfort: 5

Dexterity: 5

Fit: 4

Durability: 5

photo (4)Photographed: 5.11, Mechanix, HWI (after 30+ days of wear)




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Posted On: July 14, 2014