Ray Allen Multi-Purpose Harness


We just completed a six week test of the Ray Allen Multi-Purpose Harness. We’ve thrown drug searches, suspect apprehensions, insertions, and 240 working hours at the harness. The two harnesses were tested on a 62 lbs Malinois and a 87 lbs Malinois. Both are dual purpose, assigned to patrol.

The harness construction is top notch. Ray Allen’s attention to detail has never disappointed us. Made of heavy duty nylon webbing and Velcro, these harnesses took a beating and asked for more. The harnesses are completely adjustable to fit a large range of chests. Have it be a Sheppard, Malinois, Dutch Sheppard, or even a bloodhound. Fits 28 to 36 girth. Heavy duty V rings are mounted on the top and sides for additional functionality. Each side has a 1 ¾ x 8 Velcro patch on each side for identifying patches or reflective strips.

The harness is lightweight and padded in all the right areas. We opted for the additional chest pad that is easily attached to the harness. One of our Maligators is an equipment escape artist when he doesn’t like a particular piece of kit. This locked on the harness and provided support if we decided to do a tie out for agitation. Also, came in handy on a felony warrant pick up where I had to post out with the dog while the arrest team went in to secure the suspect. Just grab the handle that is mounted on top of the harness and hang on. It works to kind of steer your dog if you need to establish target lock.

The guys at the office teased us and always commented on my dog wearing his sports Bra. That’s how small this harness is. Its great. Not too much and certainly not too little.

You have two buckle options when ordering. There is a load bearing buckle and a quick release load rated buckle. This buckle is the same as the one used on some of the high speed range belts some of us are accustomed to, the Cobra buckle. This has a load rating of approximately 2,500 lbs! The harnesses come in black or coyote.

Prices are reasonable at $68.95 to $79.95 (Cobra buckle).

If asked we would suggest the handle be slightly (and we mean slightly) raised from the back of the harness to get a better grip on the dog if he should come shooting past you and you need to gab him. Other than that, this harness is good to go. It’s light, it’s tough, and it’s small. Some will argue the point of having a harness on a patrol dog, but it is handy getting your dog in and out of the tall SUVs. We use this when we can to save on the dogs joints jumping out of the vehicles. And if a suspect wants to hang on to my dog using this harness, he’s more than welcome to.

So if you’re in the market for a harness, this one is worth the second look.


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