Shellback Tactical Go Time Chest Rig


This chest rig is one of the best solutions for front line patrol officers, responding to active shooter incidents or any other call for service that requires additional firepower. Shellback’s Go Time Chest Rig is perfect for the officer that has to pony up his own coin to buy equipment. At MSRP of $75.95, it’s a steal. The construction is top notch as with ANYTHING you get from Shellback. Made of 1000 Cordura, and their attention to detail, this is a serious piece of kit in a small package.

The rig is capable of holding two rifle mags and two handgun magazines up to .45 double stacks. You can switch it out and use one for chem lights, Sharpys, or a multi-tool. And if you’re like us, the phone has to go somewhere as well. It can clip to the outside of the M4 pouches with little effort. The rig it’s self has an interior pocket that will fit a 5×8 or 7×9 soft armor plate so you can have a little extra protection over your vital organ. Above the mag pouches is the ever popular Velcro panel so you can display identifiers or your favorite morale patch that your department warned you about.

The fit is amazing. When you first get it, you think “what is this gonna do?”. The rig is supported by two straps. One adjustable neck strap and one waist strap. Both are necessary to use when running or crawling. You can adjust the height in the neck strap so that the rig rides just above your duty belt. This assures you that you can still get to your gear on your duty belt and not have to fight kit to get to kit. The neck strap is low profile and allows easy shouldering of your rifle when the need arises.

The look is also important. The rig is low profile and does not scream SWAT. This is important for some departments. The rig does however, say “prepared”. The rig is available is several stylish colors like, Black, Coyote tan, Multicam, Ranger green, and A-tacs.

When on patrol the rig can easily be slung over the headrest of the passenger seat or even folded in your patrol bag. The bottom line is this rig works. Its compact. It’s functional. It’s easy. It’s made for patrol personnel that respond to situations that require easy donning when seconds count.

We’ve used the rig on patrol for 30 days now and it just won’t fail. The construction is sound and the design is top notch. Check out Shellback Tactical’s wide range of kit. As with a lot of you, you already own a piece of gear from Shellback and love it. This is no different.

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