SKD PIG Plate Carrier


“THE PIG” first impressions are that’s BA where can we get one? It’s very tactical looking and covered in M.O.L.L.E.

We’ve been using the PIG for awhile now. Our evaluator keeps it in the trunk of his patrol vehicle. He used it in active shooter training back in June of 2011 and this is what he found out.

The plate carrier is easily dawned; being able to undo just one side of the front of the vest to slip it on and off makes it easy and is a great feature.

He wasn’t very fond of the way that the back plate projects away from the top of the shoulders. The drag handle is not very effective either. When trying to pull someone across a room the elastic that connects the vest on the back side gives and vest rises up around the head of the wearer.

With that being said, he has deployed it on a couple of different calls. It was very affective and easy to dawn over his uniform without removing anything.

Negatives: The cummerbund on the vest is joined on the back of the vest with laces for adjustment which is a good idea, but the elastic give too much. Good buy, but needs some improvements in the elastic cummerbund.

Positives: The vest is great for first responders to deploy. It’s very easy to dawn and easy to attach extra pouches.

More on this product as we use and abuse. Stay safe (with a plate carrier).

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