Surefire Lawman Flashlight




The Surefire Lawman R1 is a medium sized, compact rechargeable LED flashlight that provides a great amount of light and will for sure blind anyone including its user. It is designed specifically for law enforcement duties. The Lawman R1 has user-programmable head and tail switches. Maximum output is 750 lumens and optional strobe, medium, and low settings that provide up to 37 hours of runtime. A light indicator on the side allows the user to see the battery life so you know when it’s time to re-charge.

In the box, we received our Lawman R1 with a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, “Dual Fuel” battery carrier with 2 x SF123A batteries, AC adapter with international adapters, 12V car charger, rubber anti-roll ring, and user manual.

Overall, this flashlight puts out an extreme amount of light, ideal for any low light situation. The light fits into a standard size duty belt flashlight holder ring (using the rubber anti-roll ring). The battery indicator is a great feature. Having the option to change the settings and pre-program mode availability gives this flashlight one up on its competitors.

While performing patrol duties, the Lawman R1 performed flawlessly. It allows maximum light output without compromise. The light truly shines everywhere allowing the user to virtually see everything. One downfall, which is correctable with the use of the pre-programmed light modes, is that the Lawman R1 can be a little too bright at night. After your eyes adjust to the darkness, if the user happens to flash their own eyes or attempt to read from a bright source like a piece of paper, there is a bit of night vision loss in the eyes. While this can be an officer safety issue, we recommend getting used to this light and the functions it provides so the user can receive maximum duty based performance. In our opinion, there can never be too much light at night time. Our inability to see clearly in low light or no light situations has just met it’s match…

Additionally, the Lawman R1 can take a beating due to the rugged, anti-slip aluminum body. The construction of the Lawman is of exceptional quality. The light was unfortunately dropped from about 4 feet onto concrete. The clear glass protecting the LED bulb cracked but still allows every bit of light to penetrate. Nothing else broke or shattered but the main glass. Although it hurt a bit, the Lawman R1 did not suffer.

We believe this light is good to go.  However, $455.00 is a bit steep for a patrolman to cough up.  That would be the only con to this light. That is why this light only got four out of five “Warriors”.   So if you’ve got a killer OT gig coming up and want a light that will “cook” your opponent, you might want to look at this option.

Warrior tested. Warrior approved.