Tactical Morale Gear Tough Guy Velcro Boonie Hat

When you think of the traditional “Boonie”, you think Vietnam, big brimmed hat, floppy, and portable shade for your melon and neck.  What more could you ask for?  Well, how about more innovation?  That’s exactly what the guys over at Shades of Gray have done to the boonie.

Shades of Gray Tactical took the traditional boonie and gave it options.  Options like, 2’’x3’’ panel of Velcro on the front for morale patches or unit insignias.  We found it more useful as a way to fold up the front brim and keep it out of the way by the S.O.G.’s addition of a small 1’’x1’’ square of “male” Velcro on the brim.  The addition came in very handy when we had to look up for four days, running a rappelling course.  We can see how this feature would come in handy for snipers and spotters as well.

The hat is a Propper brand boonie, made of 65/35 poly cotton.  Hat features four vent holes for air flow. The brim measures 2’’ wide and holds its shape nicely.  And, of course a standard chin strap.  The Velcro enhancements are added by S.O.G.

We tested the hat in the 90 plus degree heat and it held up great.  Wasn’t too hot and provided ample shade for our neck and head.

If your shopping for a “boonie”, don’t just get any boonie.  Get the Tactical Morale Gear Tough Guy Velcro Military Booine Hat from www.shadez-of-gray.com.  Cost is $22.99.  Colors range from black, OD green, khaki, and multicam.Tough Guy Boonie


Warrior tested. Warrior approved!

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Posted On: August 20, 2013