TAD Gear Fast Pack Litespeed


TAD. Nuf said. If you haven’t owned a piece of TAD gear, you’re missing out. Their stuff is top notch. A bit on the expensive side? Yes, but worth every dime.

The FAST pack Litespeed has it all in the backpack arena. For us it was utilized as a hiking pack that had “go bag” contents, weaponry, and hiking supplies. The pack is comfortable and stylish (if that’s what you’re looking for). On the trail it’s very comfortable with all the padding in the shoulders and straps to offset your gear load. Best thing is it looks like a backpack. No red flags that “hey, I’m armed.”

Durability? Yeah, this bag can take the abuse you put to it! Did I mention molle? There’s so much molle on this thing, you won’t be shorted in the pouch competition. There is a nice Velcro area at the top for posting your newest morale patch or name tape.

Looking for a smaller bag that gets the job done on the trail as well as housing the nasty you carry around to stay safe? This is that bag (backpack).


Final Grade: Must Have!