TITLE Body Armor Shield


This fits two bills for us. 1.) It is gear that is functional and engineered to stand up to hard, real world use. 2.) Warriorship isn’t just about the gear, its about the skill behind it and this beauty helps sharpen that skill set. The TITLE Body Armor Shield totes nearly a half foot of multi-layered inner foam. This allows the striker to deliver an entire arsenal of full power strikes with low injury potential for both striker and holder. The wrap around design gives the striker a dynamic training experience. With the shield holder bobbing, weaving, advancing and retreating its like having an interactive punching bag. The three-ply synthetic leather cover makes the shield tough, tough, tough! It took everything we threw at it. We kicked this thing hundreds of times with our boots on and it didn’t so much as scratch it. The padded back straps make for holding the shield very comfortable during long training sessions. However, we found the clasps holding the adjustable straps to the shield wanting in durability. We destroyed those within the first few minutes of use. However, a couple of quick knots tied in the strap and we were back in business. The four individual handles located inside the shield give the holder a comfortable and versatile grip choice. For the warrior looking to develop some serious striking skills, the TITLE Body Armor Shield, (with a little jerry rigging) is a Must Have!