Triple Aught Design Covert Pant


When it comes to tactical pants, or any pants for that matter, that can take the abuse you might incur, there are many to choose from. The fantastic crew at TAD recently released a pant, the Covert Pant DC (Dooms Day Canvas) that had internet buzz even before it debuted. We rolled the dice just like everyone else when the Coverts released. With a few quick key strokes, the pants were ours. A few short days later the pants were delivered by the brown Santa Claus.

Once we took them out of the box we knew that this wasn’t just your ordinary pair of pants. First thing you notice is the weight. The canvas feels and weights like the other duck fabric we’re all accustom to. However these are not the same by ANY stretch of the imagination. When you put on the pants it’s like donning armor. They encase your legs and provide protection from the elements. The fit is like a glove. The feel is almost as comforting as your mother hugging you after a long day at school. No joke, they felt that damn good.

There are several pockets located throughout the pants. Two in particular that get a lot of use on my pair is the discreet pockets on the legs. Large enough for an AR mag or an iPhone. In ours it’s an iPhone on the right and a Strider folder on the left. Inside the pants on the opposite side of the rear pockets are two hidden document pockets.

In every conceivable area that needs reinforcements they have been doubled or even tripled. The knees even have pockets to put in TAD’s T-Pro knee armor inserts. The front pockets are reinforced where you would place your clip style knife or in our case we carry religiously, our Surefire Backup.

Living in the Rocky Mountains and a avid Jeeper and finding myself doing repairs in the snow, I love a good pair of canvas work pants. However, the TAD Covert pant has blown similar canvas pants out of the water! Would I crawl under my Jeep in these? Sure. If meant my survival or those that are with me. To change the oil in a snow bank. . .probably not. So I guess there is still a place for grungy work pants.

These pants go into a category that I have placed all my TAD gear. It’ll be the type of gear that you would proudly pass on to your kids. It’s similar to finding your grandfathers bomber jacket in the attic. It’s just meant to be and you know it’s got history and stories to tell. Especially if your kids are going to follow in your footsteps and fight the evils of the world.

I’ve said it before, and I will always say it. Triple Aught Design will go the distance with you and bring you home safely, while keeping you looking great. Is it pricey? Yes. Is it worth it? Every damn dime!

The Covert Pants come and go at TAD, so keep an eye out for them when they come available. Colors include black and tan.

“Down the street or into the wild,” make mine TAD!

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