Vertx Women’s Pant


Being a female in the tactical world is challenging when you have to dress like the boys. As a woman it is so difficult to find a pair of tactical pants that fit well. Most tactical pants claim to be made for women, but they are made for men, and are unflattering and equally uncomfortable. Lets face it! When it comes to pants women and men have completely different needs. Vertx has done what other companies have only claimed to do by considering what women need. When I was first handed the Vertx Women’s Pants I was apprehensive and had my doubts, I knew they were going to fit like all the others. But I was pleasantly surprised when I put them on! Vertx tactical pants are the most comfortable, well fitted and flattering tactical pants any woman can wear. I will NEVER wear another tactical pant in my life. They were designed by women, for women. I even venture to say that I’ve slipped into these pants a couple times off duty. They are that comfortable and versatile in appearance! With the 98% Cotton and 2% LYCRA ® combination these pants can be worn all day. They also come equipped with an inseam waist band that is half elastic which allows for some movement and stretching. Another feature we love about the pants is how easy it is to move around in them. The knees were made with extra room making it easy to crouch down and move around without binding up. The best part is they are made in women’s sizes (0 -18) which takes the guess work out of ordering. They also come with an inseam option (30 36). So if you are like me, with longer legs these will have ya covered. The pants are available in Law Enforcement Black, Desert Tan, Khaki, Olive Drab Green and Navy. With all these different options you are really getting a custom fit. These pants are worth every cent of the $64.95 sticker price. They are high quality, durable and have plenty of pockets that can be utilized but don’t create bulk. Overall the Vertx Women’s Pant are a MUST HAVE if you are a tactical woman!

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